18 January 2011

prints and belly.

so i discovered these prints over christmas break and i can't get enough of them. i'm in love with their simplicity, and i especially love them because they seriously remind me of goldie. i just bought all three of these for her new room that i'm starting to work on, and i'm slightly excited about them. each print reminds me of some of goldie's favorite things to do: dance/wear dresses, read (she seriously picks up books and reads to herself, i am not joking), and look at/love animals.  i can't wait to hang these up in cute frames in her new room.  they all kind of resemble her too, in my opinion.  nice round faces and pretty light brown hair.  makes me love them even more.

i think you should order some-- there are 15 pages in this girl's shop filled with awesome prints.  click here.

and then there's the belly... 33 weeks along.  i've started the two-week appointments and i can't believe i still have 7 weeks to go.  people keep saying, "oh it'll go by fast."  and i keep saying, "no, it won't."

just soaking up the last moments of me and goldie, just us.  i'm so emotional about it.  however, as high as those emotions run i am very excited to meet this new little one.  goldie learned how to say "baby" today and i'm loving the fact that she's going to have her own real baby very soon.  that girl knows how to love.


J & J said...

you look amazing :)

Sunday said...

Aww those pics DO look like Goldie. :) And I'm so excited for you to have another little girl. (p.s.This is Rachel Hill. I'm doing this name for my writing blog, and apparently it transfers over to everything...)

Allyson said...


I've lurked in on your blog for a bit and just wanted to say hi. I love your style and your midnight posts.:)

Love the prints, Goldie is a doll, and you are rockin' those stripes!! Congratulations and good luck with this new little one!


Andrea said...

love the belly! you look great. i swear i'll come get that shirt from you one of these days. we've had soooo much sickness around here, and we've been trying not to share.

holtkamp said...

goldie learning how to say 'baby'...that is SO precious!