15 January 2011

hiii yooo.

okay, okay. i know there are a lot of photos here, but i swear every face is priceless. it's my blog and i'll do what i want. 

this is the seattle celebration. i'll post more seattle christmas photos soon, and the birthday celebration at our house as well. getting caught up people! 

aaaaaaaand she's done.  ha!  love that goldie.


Lindsey said...

She has to have one of the cutest smiles EVER!

Michelle said...

ha! She is so freaking cute jenna, and that tiara is sooo fun!

Canadian Princess said...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've looked at your blog and even more so I can't believe Goldie is a year. Eliana is almost 10 months which means we'll be there in 2 months and I'm freaking out about it inside. I agree with you on all the pics...every one of them is much too darling not to post them! Her smile is to die for and I loved the tiara idea, in fact I just might have to find me one of those;)

love the prints you found too!

and you look fabulous with baby girl #2...I love belly shots and seeing pregnant woman... nothing more beautiful I don't think!

well congrats my dear...you're almost there. I can't wait to see Goldie's little sister!