12 January 2011

whooo. whoooo.

i love when i find an old anthropologie gift card.  welcome to our home, little snow owl.

goldie's birthday pictures to come.
cleaned bathrooms at 10 pm tonight... because when else would i do it?
off to read real simple in my bed with a cup of tea.



ash said...

You have such a good sense of style! I love the owl.

My name is Ash, and I love following your blog. I hope you don't mind :) Totally random, but my husband and I along with our 4 month old daughter (who will be 8 when we travel) are planning on going to Europe. I know you recently went to Europe with your little one and am just curious on how it was. Did you fly coach or first class? How was the flight, bringing food and all the baby stuff! What do you recommend and what do you not recommend? I am a little nervous being a plan that long with her and then adjusting to the time.

I am looking forward to your advice!

ash said...

I forgot to ask about car seat and stroller. Did you check both of them from the beginning? So much to think of! :)


so adorable! there are some fun owl decorations @ Pier One FYI! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

Mike and Alexis said...

i love that little owl. excellent choice. um, and snaps for cleaning the bathroom at 10pm. you go girlfriend.

liz said...

im so jealous you got this cookie jar.. this is the one from modern family just in a different color i have been wanting this cookie jar for soooooooo long. congratulations on your purchase.

tickets are out the wazoo ps.

Jake and Jenna said...

here's my advice. don't fly first class-- although it would be LOVELY and make life so much easier, it is ridiculously expensive (if you haven't already found that out). i don't know what your budget is, but seriously.. i was shocked how far the prices jumped. we flew coach. for international flights, they usually have a bassinett that clicks into the wall-- you should definitely call and ask about that so that they can make sure you get the seats that work where the bassinett goes. goldie was almost 10 months when we traveled with her, and she didn't sleep so well initially in the bassinett. but she doesn't do well with that kind of stuff anyway-- she had no idea what was going on and i think she felt nervous about it. maybe your baby is different? either way, worth asking about if you're interested.

the flight was fine-- she wasn't eating solids really yet (just gerber puffs and bread and stuff like that), so we gave her her bottles and baby food. i put her formula (like a whole can because you never know) in a gallon-sized zip lock bag and packed a lot of diapers. my husband had a back-pack which helped because he carried a lot of her stuff as well.

the flight on the way there was rough at times, but overall it worked out fine. the flight on the way back was WAY better.

back then i used a maclaren snap and go stroller with my graco car seat. i checked both at every flight gate-- for me, it was essential to be able to put her in her car seat in between flights because if she needed a little nap, she would fall asleep. do NOT bring a bulky stroller-- it won't work. not in europe, not on trains... the smaller you can go, the better. that's my suggestion.

anyway, just make sure you pack enough formula and diapers and wipes that will last you the entire time you are in europe. i ran out of formula and had to buy some in england, but she actually liked it just fine. some babies don't respond the same though. also something to think about.

hope you read all this and it helps!