14 March 2011

i am too tired to even think of anything to write.  so instead, you get the girls.  they're better than my random thoughts at the moment anyway.  trust me.

nose.  this is her favorite thing these days.  she'll sit on your lap, put that little finger on your nose, and wait for you to say it.  then she laughs hysterically.  love that goldie.

and then we have crazy horse no. 2 in the making.  this girl... just love her.


Lindsey said...

You don't know me...and I am probably going to sound like a stalker...but hear me out:)
I know the Vela's. I am the same age as Brenda and we went to High School together. I guess your mother in law used to babysit me when I was really little. I know and love Jenye:) She and I met at a wedding and were the hottest bridesmaids.EVER. ANYWAY, I stumbled across your blog a little while back and noticed we were due around the same time. Actually (again, sorry about the stalker tone) but it appears as if we delivered on the same day:) My little boy was born March 2, at 7:48pm at Mt. Timp hospital. This is my first...so props to you:) You are making the mother of two business look super easy. I just wanted to say congrats and your girls are beautiful:)
-Lindsey Walker...the stalker:)(your family would know me as Lindsey Davis:)

Annalisa said...

awesomeness. i never took the advice "sleep when the baby sleeps" until baby number three. she's a year old, slept through the night last night, i felt rested this morning, but couldn't remember my password at work. lol, tiredness is a rite of passage and loved knowing it meant i was taking care of kiddos