16 March 2011

it'll all work out.

can't tell you how this song has always gotten me through some rough times.  i heard it again the other day on my ipod and almost started to cry... okay whatever, i totally cried.  just makes me feel better somehow.  helps me to feel calm.  helps me to feel healed in all ways.  thanks, tom.  you were one of my favorite concerts ever.


holtkamp said...

for a long time, i never cried. then i did on my mission. and since then, a good cry every now and then always makes me feel better. love you! :)

missy said...

oh I just saw pictures of little annie...so so so sweet. I love the feeling of new baby-hooray!

Mike and Alecia said...

Oh my goodness your girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love annie, she is precious and she looks just like her mama. Congrats! Good luck with two, it's quite the adjustment at first but you will love having them that close. They will be best friends and have so much fun together.