06 April 2011

a happy birthday day for jake.

we had such a fun birthday day for jake.  we just relaxed in our pajamas all day long, eating food and watching movies.  goldie played, annie slept and ate and pooped, jake napped, i cooked food for a little birthday fiesta.  then jake and goldie played outside and we had a fun evening filled with homemade cafe rio and good friends.  and don't forget the mariachi mexican fiesta pandora station.  yeeeeeeehhhaaawwww!

i'm not one to get mushy on the blog, so i won't.  but i do have to say that i feel so lucky and blessed to have jake.  he's hands down the best dad, best husband, hardest worker, and he's just so much freaking fun.  can't you tell how fun and cool he is from the first picture?  like i said, so lucky.

looking forward to another year and another lifetime of love and fun.  happy birthday j-bird.

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