11 May 2011


this is my life: my children.  i call them my little chickens, and i am their mother hen.  our routine doesn't change much and it's become a good one:  we wake up, annie eats, goldie has her ba-ba (they've been waking up at the same time lately), we watch sesame street while we play with all of goldie's toys.  goldie is constantly trying to share with annie and that includes kisses and hugs and trying to climb on top of her to cuddle.  she really loves annie.  it's very sweet to watch.  so then we have some breakfast that usually includes eggs, chicken sausage with spinach and roasted red peppers (costco... search for it, it's so good), raisins, and some cheerios.  goldie LOVES breakfast; it's her favorite meal of the day, just like her dad.  annie sits and jibber-jabbers in her little seat, smiling the entire time.  annie falls asleep for her nap around 10:15, and goldie goes down at 11.  the chickens sleep and i escape to crossfit for my daily workout... which i am loving, by the way.  my mom is so nice and stays home so i can go do that every day.  

girls wake up, eat again, play outside, take a second nap, more hugs, kisses, dancing, laughing, talking, learning, etc.  goldie's favorite toys right now are blocks, tonka trucks, the lids off of mason jars, jello boxes, and her stacking cups.  annie is very chill and just watches what we're doing--the girl smiles all the time and really does talk a lot for her age (in my opinion).  she likes to be held, but she's also pretty content just relaxing in her chair.  the porch swing above is a favorite of them both.  we spend our evenings on the back porch playing with blocks and swinging on the swings.  it's a dreamland for goldie...makes me desperate for my own back porch one day.  or even a yard.

goldie loves playing with the hose and anything water-related.  she is an outdoors-woman, that's for sure.  she doesn't mind getting dirty.  in fact, yesterday i was draining her baby pool and she was playing with the hose, sitting in water puddles and loving every minute of it.  i think it helps that the weather is nice and hot, so it's okay to get wet and still be warm.  

these girls bring us so. much. happiness.  how did we get so lucky?

there's always some sacrifice involved though.  jake is away for training and we miss him a lot.  goldie says his name all the time and gets real excited every time she sees him on skype.  as for me, i feel like i'm so busy that i block out the thoughts of missing my husband.  there are so many moments during the day where i think, "oh my gosh, jake would love this."  so i send my photos and videos and that's how we're surviving.  cannot wait to see him soon.

i don't have much to report really.  our routine is what we do, and it's a very enjoyable one.  i feel so very content.... all except that we're missing our favorite guy.  such is life!  come september when we move to san fran (finally), i think i'll feel an incredible amount of satisfaction.  until then, tally-ho!

some firsts:

went shopping with two kids all by myself.  big accomplishment, and i didn't even cuss.  it was actually a very good time.  we'll see about next time.  yes, that's a car seat behind goldie, and yes all of the groceries are sitting WITH goldie.  ha!

annie wears my dream dress. pucker up baby.

and goldie holds annie, wearing the same dress.  i like to dress them like twins on sundays.

goldie has her first mcdonald's ice cream cone, which is now become a weekly tradition.

anyway, i'm off to work out.  life is lovely.  hoorah for spring and summer.  ta-ta!


Kyle and Nicky said...

Jenna, I am so glad you are still updating your blog! The girls look gorgeous, and I can't believe how big Annie is getting. They are so cute. Hope all is well!

In this wonderful life... said...

SUCH sweet pics :)

Jodi Pitchforth said...

ah! i love the twin picture! so adorable. what lucky girls you have to have their mother with them all day. hang in there without jake.

abbie said...

Ohh I know the days of a carseat in the back of my target cart. Just know it won't change much when Annie is ready for the cart- now Vi sits up front and Olivia rides in the back and gets the groceries dumped on her. :)

Cute, cute girls! I wish our twinners Violet and Goldie could play!

Michelle said...

oh life is sweet. :)

Jessica said...

Hooray!! out all by yourself! I'm so proud of you!! The girls look adorable! Where is that dress from? I love it!

Where are my Mary Jane's? said...

Way to go with taking both to the grocery store. Every time I go anywhere with my girls I promise myself that I'll start a petition to allow mothers of small children to park in handicap spaces. Now that I have a carseat and two little chickens in my wake, it's tough on the biceps. I need some crossfit.

p.s. I so wish that I was moving to San Fran because I love it there and I wish we could be friends. Don't you think Jake and David would hit it off??