27 May 2011

ruby jane.

i'm kind of really emotional writing this post.  i feel like i'm one of those people who would do almost anything to take away pain from my children, my family, my friends... people i love so much.  when there is a situation that i don't have much control over, it maddens me a little bit.  all i know to do is pray.

one of my dearest friends, ani, has a sick little baby.  she is just a few months older than my annie, and seeing and reading about her illness literally breaks me heart into a thousand pieces.  ani is really special to me--we've been through some things together.  we met in college and soon became best buds who roller-bladed around provo, played pranks on our neighbors, made salads and had lunch together, went to hawaii together, prayed together for friends going through hard things... sometimes you bond with people without even trying.  i feel like this happened with ani.  she lives far away from me (but not for long), and we've managed to stay in touch and be there for one another.  like i said, she is just really special to me.  and because she's special to me, that means her family is special to me too.  sadly, i haven't met ruby (yet), but i swear i love her so much i could burst.

ruby was diagnosed with liver failure at 3 months old (this past march).  she is currently waiting on a donor liver and getting treatment from the best doctors at UCLA medical center.  with all that's happening, you can imagine the hospital bills adding up very quickly.  i'm asking you from the bottom of my heart to go to their donation page and give just a little something to help make this horrible process a little bit easier on their family.

click here to make a donation.

click here to access ani's blog and get updates on little ruby.  

ani really is an incredible writer... and the love she has for her children gives me chills.  she's always been one of my top examples that i look to when it comes to mothering... if i could take this trial away from her and away from her sweet ruby, i would.  i really would.

count your blessings, and give to those who need a few more.



Ani said...

i love you jenna. thank you for that sweet post. made my day!

jenna said...

this story kills me. i'll follow her now and include her in my prayers. you're a good friend jenna v!