24 May 2011

annie's head is big and i LOVE it.

photos from a few days ago... 

both my kids are napping (sort of... goldie is talking in her room).  i have a spare minute and i'm like... okay should i sleep?  no, there's no time for that because once i close my eyes, someone will be awake again and then i'll just be mad that i even let myself lay down.  should i go on a walk?  no... it's definitely 95 degrees outside.  should i shower?  yes!  oh wait, you've already done that today!  normally i haven't so this is kind of a big accomplishment.  should i read?  yes... that's what i'll go do.  my mom just got me the jessica seinfeld cookbook and i'm obsessed with it.  check it out here.  such good ideas in there for feeding your kids.

anyway, this little stinker just woke up.  exhibit a:

this is today, obviously. we're off to play on the porch and have a snack while annie continues to slumber.  random post, i know.  but it's all i have time for today.  hope you're having a fabulous day.


Jarom said...

I love Goldie's pig tails. They are so cute!

Ash & JD said...

Goldie in pig tails = FREAKING AMAZING.

I need to see her. NOW.

abbie said...

this is my life also! love it. goldie is so grown up!