28 August 2011

blub blub and cluck cluck.

okay so i'm really excited about halloween this year.  normally i'm not that into it.  but goldie will understand and will go door to door and say trick or treat and eat candy galore!  we're going to carve pumpkins, i'm going to tell stories about witches, and we're going to make halloween cookies and take them to our neighbors.  i know, this is so not me.  but the fun thing about kids is that you can actually be a kid with them.  i'm going to let her go hog wild.  and annie too.

oddly enough, the little girls in these photos kind of resemble my own girls.  weird.  but can you guess who gets which costume?  they are already ordered.  a little chickie and a little glitterfish.

i'm in heaven.  i won't have to decorate with spiderwebs though because we already have a full supply of those.  yikes.  


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Sarah said...

Very cute costumes? Where are they from?