28 August 2011


hi.  this is me.  i should be cleaning up all the randomness in my mostly-unpacked house, but instead i'm sitting here having a pity party for myself.  i lost my phone.... it's an i4, by the way.  it had all my contacts.  all of my photos from this past summer (you know how i love a good iphone photo).  i feel stupid that it's gone.  i feel dumb that i didn't know about mobileme until last night, and that i haven't sync'ed my phone with my new computer yet.  i feel guilty that i'm going to have to buy another one.  i don't feel bad though that it got lost in the madness of me running to my child who had taken a hard fall.  adrenaline kicks in and you kinda just don't remember what happened... has that ever happened to you?  i was taking photos of her running with a pink balloon, laughing to myself how the simple things make goldie so happy.  next thing i know, BAM.  goldie is down, phone was probably dropped, and i didn't think a thing of it because i was more concerned with how she was (note: previous to this fall, she had smashed her fingers in a restaurant door and then after that she tripped and hit her head on the sidewalk.  i swear i watch her-- she's just crazy right now).  we got in the car after that... ugh anyway.  i'm going to go wallow in my sorrows and try to be productive on this beautiful sunday.

hope you're having better luck than me.  this past week has been a doozy.  looking forward to a better week starting tomorrow.


LoAnn said...

I am so sorry that you lost your phone. Make sure you add mne into your new contacts. I love your blog and feel like I can be a small part of you and the girls life when I read it. You have done so much sunce you move to SF. You should be so proud of yourself because I am. Don't get frustrated if you lose your patience, we all do. It is part of mortality and the fact that you recognize your weakness and are working on it is the main thing. Patience was not one of my talents either and I feel like I got upset with my kids over useless things. Just enjoy them because before you know it, the will be grown. DOn't sweat the small stuff. Take it from someone who did and who regrets it. Love ya LoAnn

LoAnn said...

Sorry about all the typos. I have a headache.

Nila said...

I'm so sorry you lost your phone - that is truly the pits. I put a recent one through the washer and dryer - not much was left, but the pieces were clean! It's such a bother to have to reprogram all that data into a new one. Thank goodness you blogged all summer - the really great pictures are all saved here. By the way, you look fabulous - and a bit thinner than the last time I saw you. Good work!
PS I want pics of your new home!

The Clarks said...

I looooooove your hair. You look amazing,jenna!