24 August 2011


lately i have been doing the following: 

-unpacking boxes... box after box after box. 
-living on craigslist... finding little gems here and there, and selling my things slowly 
-lifting heaving things... i swear my backseats are rarely up these days as i bring random stuff home
-kissing babies... this happens often 
-praying for patience... sometimes when they both are whining or crying at the same time, my anxiety level rises so freaking fast that i have to close my eyes and literally say, "okay heavenly father. time to step in. go."
-exploring our new town... i'm excited to get more settled so we can just go go go.  new parks, new stores, new restaurants.
-cutting myself... let me explain.  i've stabbed myself like 3 times already trying to open boxes.  i have cuts all over my hands.
-creating spaces... i think i'm on my way to creating a very nice, cozy home for my family.
-missing my husband... as always.
-teaching goldie and annie new things... this is an ongoing process and i love it.
-reading... to goldie, that is.  she is more into books than ever.
-getting sick... i can feel it coming.

anyway, my brain is mush and i'm so tired that the screen is literally burning through my eyes and into my skull.  i'm going to bed.  love my girls.


Katie said...

Glad you made it! I'm excited to see how you decorate your new place. Annie is so cuddle-licious in that last photo. Lovies.

allison nadauld said...

Jenna, This is Allison Nadauld, Susan's sister-in-law (Aaron's wife). I have to tell you that you are in my home ward! I grew up in San Bruno. You're in Burlingame, right? Hope you're loving it. If you ever need help with the area, just let me know. Maybe we can see you when we go back for a visit.?

Jodi said...

jenna, you are superwoman! i'm moving into a new apartment by myself too but i don't know how you do it with two babies! i miss you and hope things go well.