20 August 2011

this is the place.

these idiot movers broke all of my anthropologie bowls and plates.  i could die.  oh well.

we've moved in our house finally here in san francisco and i have to say that i'm pretty excited to be here.  i feel like i'm on permanent vacation:  i need to stop washing my hair, go buy some birkenstocks, and go completely organic... or vegan... or something.  the weather is perfect and it feels nice to be out of that georgia heat.  i miss it though.. miss my parents... anyway.  can't really chat about that right now or tears will flow.

the girls are adjusting.  it's been a little bit of a whirlwind but we're adapting and getting things down.  it's been fun setting up goldie's room and getting out all of her old toys-- familiar things are good for her.  she is very happy and is in complete discovery mode.  she also loves to climb things lately.  and throw things.  her arm goes straight out faster than lightening and you have no idea where exactly the projected item will land.  she's got an arm, that one.  i feel like she's growing up so fast, learning new words, being more steady on her feet, saying prayers.. i mean the list goes on.  she's turning into a little girl before my eyes and it's kind of freaking me out.

annie is also growing like a weed.  what happened to my little fragile baby?  she's rolling around and wanting to be a big girl like goldie, i swear.  she belly laughs at everything goldie does, and G just eats is up.  annie is very alert and is very expressive.  she's also been spoiled rotten lately by both of her grandmas by being held constantly... which means that if you put her down she does this whining noise that makes my anxiety level rise a few notches.  she's so sweet though that i end up picking her up anyway.  i'm digging my own grave.  so be it!

unpacking is exhausting.  i still have so much to do.  but i am bound and determined and i've started drinking diet dr. pepper to keep me going.  so bad.  that stuff will kill you, i swear.  i haven't drank pop in who knows how long.  i'm off it tomorrow, for real.  while exhausting, it is kind of fun to go through everything and get rid of stuff.  i'm feeling more and more at home and really looking forward to this place being spick and span.  don't worry... i've had to vacuum every nook and cranny for spiders-- just your average household ones.  our home has been vacant for awhile, but not anymore!  i have no mercy. suck those babies right into the vacuum.  sick.

anyway, i'm off to finish a box or two and go. to. sleep.  no more late nights for this one.  here are some photos from the past week of craziness.

annie jane just hanging out in the sink.  no big deal.

goldie exploring new things. 

every explorer wears multiple necklaces, right?

hanging out with our awesome twin neighbor boys... in an old school turtle sandbox (filled with water) that i got at a yard sale today for $1.  score.  didn't all of us have this growing up?


two very tired babies snuggling and watching elmo.  i love this.  love them.

in other very important and awesome news, ani and matt have started the official movement of ruby's legacy: 

the overview:
The Ruby Jane Foundation was founded by Ani and Matt Taylor in honor of their sweet baby Ruby. The purpose of RJF is to promote awareness of organ donation. Via the foundation we will be putting on a "Run for Ruby" each year on her birthday to promote awareness and continue remembering this sweet baby and her impact on us all.

the mission:
Promote organ donation awareness and enact legislation to enable parents to make easier decisions about organ donation for themselves and their family.

click on the link above and "like" the foundation on facebook.  you'll receive updates and news on different events happening in honor of little ruby.  miss that baby everyday.


Cassie and Doug Hansen said...

how exciting! you guys are in the bay!! where are you guys at?? You guys definitely need to call or text us and we need to get together! how fun! our numbers are still the same! Hope to talk/see you soon!

holtkamp said...

glad you guys made it safely! your girls are absolutely adorable, they are getting so big. best wishes getting all settled in. the bay area is gorgeous! -jen

lindsay said...

Hi there, I am one of your followers you don't know! I just moved WITH my husband helping and I still thought it was incredibly stressful and exhausting. And I only have one child. So, I just wanted to say hang in there, it must be SO HARD and I hope you are getting help from others! Packing/unpacking sucks and I am just finally starting to feel settled, 2 months later. Oh and I just moved from living in San Francisco for 4 years to the New England area, you WILL LOVE SF! Good luck.