02 August 2011

a little fun while annie sleeps.  see that clump of hair in little bear's paw?  yeah, she got down soon after that.  and i'm missing some hair.


Meikel said...

Love these, and I totally dig your short do! And also I hope our kids can now each other sometime, I want hudson to know the sweet little velas!

Mike and Alexis said...

You chopped your hair! Probably forever ago, I'm so behind the times. Anyway it's cute!

Allen Family said...

Hi Jenna-I'm a friend of Katie's and I peek in on your cute blog every now and again. :)

I follow a girl's blog named Ruth Schultz. She has a daughter that was born with a rare chromosome deletion. She's had numerous surgeries and hospital stays. Her blog is:

Anyway, the reason why I'm telling you all this is because she is doing a giveaway of her baby's old hospital gowns that were made for her while she was in the NICU. They are adorable! I thought of your friends baby, Ruby Jane when I read her post about finding someone to give them to. You should check it out:

Hope you do!
-Katie Allen