04 September 2011

20 months going on 16.

goldie is not a good listener.  i keep telling her to stop growing and she does anyway.  doesn't she look 16 in these photos?  it kills me.  that sign in my front yard also kills me.  my landlord is funny like that.  if goldie could play and leap and spin and dance and lay in grass all day, pretty sure she would.  she is a lover of nature and all things outside.  every time we go to the car and i'm busy putting annie in, she is running around in the grass.  when i go to get her, she plops down, lays back and closes her eyes like she's sleeping or something; it's funny.  we go to the park almost every day, and today i let her take her shoes off and run like a free bird through the grass.  it was an entire new experience (even though she's done that before... crazy horse), and she was very excited about it.  annie also likes grass.. we laid her on a blanket and she played in the sun while goldie ran around worshiping nature.

still coming up with a native american name for annie.

happy labor day.


Jodi said...

oh my goodness jenna! she does look so old and so freakin' cute! love it. hope you're holding up without jake.

LoAnn said...
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LoAnn said...

She has grown so much and I do notice a difference since I saw her 3 weeks ago. Enjoy every moment because before you know it, they will be gone starting their own lives.