03 September 2011

annie: 6 months old

so much has happened since this little blue-eyed blondie came into our lives, it's really kind of crazy.  annie brings nothing but joy into this home. just look at her!  she screams happiness.  i'm convinced she was sent here to make people smile, diffuse any tense situations, and to be her sister's best friend.  she is a little sweetie pie, this one.  people literally stop me all of the time and exclaim how beautiful she is, and i must say that i agree.

how lucky am i to have my annie?

at six months, annie can:

sit up, but not for too long.
roll 360 degrees
eat baby food (she loves pears and mangoes)
drinks lots and lots of mom's milk
go to bed at 7 pm and sleep mostly through the night (she was doing great until we moved to california... we're almost back to sleeping through the night again though.  hooray)
belly laugh at her sister
talk and talk and talk
take baths with goldie

she probably weighs around 15 pounds now (haven't had her check-up yet), and is growing like a weed.  she takes two naps, one short one in the morning and then usually a longer one in the afternoon.  she loves being outside, just like goldie, and she loves going on walks.  annie is quite the snuggler, which i love.  my favorite is when she lays her head on my shoulder when i take her in for a nap. it is dreamy.  we are so blessed to have annie in our family.  can't even remember what life was like without her.

love you anita!

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