03 September 2011

welcome home.

so this is our house so far here in san francisco. it was built in the 50's (i'm guessing.. it's old), so there is a lot of character that we're working with here. i try to use what i have when i'm decorating... i've gotten a few new things since we've moved here, but other than that i've used what we already owned. i've also become a craig's list crazy person. i like a good deal. anyway, our bedroom isn't finished, so all you get is the bed. living room: complete. kitchen: complete. goldie's room: complete. we've still got annie's room to finish and both of the bathrooms are almost done. anyway, i've had a lot of photo requests so here you go! come visit, won't you? 

headboard: craig's list.  it's solid wood, awesome... i spray painted it a dark grey color and it's good as new. (our old bedroom set doesn't fit in our new room... currently trying to sell it)

desk: free.  gotta love that.  we don't have an office space in our house as of yet, so we're utilizing our living room.  i think it works well.

fireplace.  i love this fireplace... i'm so excited that we have one!  the mirror is from a garage sale, $4.  i spray painted it gold, and i love how it turned out.

big book case: $25, craig's list.  nothing fabulous but it works!  the rug is the best part of the room, i think.  ebay, pottery barn circa 2003.  my dream rug and my one splurge on this room.

i love the huge windows and all the light it brings in. 

goldie reading.  this girl loves books, and that makes me so happy.

the reading corner in goldie's room.  we read books here before bed.  chair inherited from my mother-in-law.

goldie's play area.  i got the table and chairs off of craig's list-- pottery barn, country back chairs.  i'm in love with it.  i'm thinking of eventually painting it a fun color, but for now we'll keep it white.  she LOVES it.  best purchase for her yet.

goldie's room has a lot of space (actually, annie's does too).  both of their rooms are bigger than mine, which i actually love.  hopefully one day they will share this room and we can turn annie's room into a guest room/office.  maybe when annie turns 1?  we shall see. i really love this room.

this is our dining area.  it's small, but it works and it's cozy and i like it.  i love the huge window-- goldie and annie like to look out of it while they eat.  maybe i'll get a round rug one day, but really what's the point.  goldie's food goes everywhere.

like i mentioned, our house is old.  but i kind of love that it's old because it really has so much character and it feels very unique to me.  at first, the kitchen turned me off a little bit.  but i've wiped it all down and although i would never choose plain dark wood for my cabinets (oh how i dream of a white kitchen), i have come to have a special place in my heart for the wood.  do you like my awesome window treatment?  courtesy of the landlord.  works for me!

i don't know why i'm so obsessed with that flower painted (painted on wood), but i am.  my dad painted it in high school and i don't think i'll ever part with it.

stay tuned for more!


abby said...

it's wonderful Jenna! I can't believe how you've already created such a lovely space.

Cody & Britt said...

such a beautiful house! i must know, can you still find that rug at pottery barn? i love it.

Jill said...

YOu create such a wonderful inviting home! Love it! Couple of questions... the prints in Goldie's room?? The one with the girl and the bunny and then there are 4 in a row but I can't tell what they are. And the rug in her room!! TO die for.


Katy said...

I love it Jenna...you have such a good eye for style!
PLEASE TELL ME...did you make the quilt in Goldie's room or did you buy it? I would love to know so I could buy one or make one!!

Katie said...

So cute! I can't believe how settled you are already! The fireplace is awesome. So is that rug. Everything is so cozy and you. Love it.

LoAnn said...

The house looks great. You have a real knack for decorating just like your mother. It looks so good in such a short time. Enjoy Jake when he gets home.

Erin + Geoff said...

i love love love it! you did such a great job.. can't wait to come visit!

Ainsley said...

sooo pretty. love your blog, your style, and your gorgeous girls.