27 September 2011

bold blossoms

remember when i served a mission in lithuania?  wow that was a long time ago.  i've come  along way since knee-high stockings and long, wavy frizz hair.  ahh... the mission.  anyway, on that mission i served with a girl named beth who i happened to love working with.  we were only together for a short time, but we got it done, you know what i mean?  great girl.  very talented.  she has started up a floral design business in southern california and utah (although she's moving back to utah permanently in a few months.. so those of you who live in southern california, get on it!) and just launched her website a few weeks ago.

she does weddings, dances, parties, funerals, showers, holidays... any arrangement you can imagine.  love that.

anyway, her website is called Bold Blossoms.  click here to see her work!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Jenna, thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate this! Tu esi gera drauge, ir as labai dekinga uz tavo draugyste. :)