27 September 2011

don't mess with the vela girls.

if i could say anything about my girls, it would be this: they are tough as nails.

seriously i can't tell you how many times goldie trips and falls, bangs her head.. whatever.  she just hops back up, rubs her hand on her head with a confused look on her face and keeps on doing whatever she was doing.  i love it.  i feel so proud when she just takes it like a champ.  annie is the exact same (well, almost... she is getting tougher by the day).  goldie thinks it's okay to sit on annie (i always race to pull her off), but i swear annie doesn't even mind it.  she just keeps on playing... i think goldie knows not to put all of her weight on her somehow.  anyway.  it's fun watching them play.  before i know it, annie will be running around wanting to be a big kid like her sister.  time is flying my friends.  time. is. flying.

i'm sorry, but i cannot handle how precious this photo is of goldie.  don't you just want to squeeze her?  she was being super cuddly this afternoon and wanted to snuggle on the floor.  definitely took advantage of that.

like i said, super cuddly.

oh annie, i love you and all of your many faces.  check out that tooth!

once again, goldie laying on annie.  she is wearing jeggings, by the way.  they are awesome.

annie kicking her off.  she already holds her own.

annie attacking goldie and goldie loving it.

and then the random photo of the evening where goldie runs around naked and half wet after her bath.  she won't sit still so i can dry her off and put on some lotion.  crazy horse.    

sidenote: isn't jake handsome? wowzers.


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Stefanie said...

i love the last photo of annie and goldie. it shows sisterly love and how much fun they have. :)