13 September 2011

the city select stroller: with an update on how it works in different terrains.

i get asked all the time about my stroller (and most recently a few times on this here blog).  SO, here is my two cents on double strollers... and single, for that matter.

i did a lot of research on strollers when i had goldie.  i didn't have a good walking/running stroller before i had her because i didn't need it in the dead of winter in utah.  however, when the months started getting warmer and i was feeling up for a good run or walk, i knew i had to get down and dirty to figure out which stroller i wanted.

my goal:  only buy one stroller ONCE.  lofty, i know.  but i had seen so many people buy stroller after stroller, start at a single and then had to buy a new double, then had to buy a new jogger, blah blah blah.  i just didn't want to be doing that because a) it's annoying and b) it's expensive.  after a lot of research (both verbal and via internet), i decided to buy the baby jogger brand city select (in this color, by the way).

it starts as a single.  but what really sold me on it is that you can buy the accessories as you need them, and it eventually converts into a double (as seen above).  i knew we'd be having another baby soon after goldie, so this was essential for me.  i bought the bassinet that came with it, which was amazing when goldie was very small.  we would go on walks, she would fall asleep in her bassinet, and i'd simply unclick it and carry her upstairs still in the bassinet.  it was so easy and so convenient.  then when annie came along, goldie would ride in the regular seat and annie would ride in the bassinet.  genius. everything just clicks, unclicks, baddabing baddaboom DONE.  it also folds very easily, although slightly bulky.  it weighs about 20 pounds, but it really doesn't feel heavy.  anyway, when annie came along, i bought the second seat and the adaptors.  the single stroller now turned into my double stroller.  i also love that it's stadium seating instead of side-by-side.  those side-by-side strollers are huge, and i simply couldn't imagine walking through baby gap with one of those things.  stacked is better, in my opinion.

another awesome thing about this stroller:  look at the options.

i mean, that is A LOT of different ways to use this stroller.  it's unreal, and i love it so much.  i literally have changed a seat's direction while goldie was sitting in it.  the sun was in her eyes, so i just unclicked it, turned her around, and kept on walking.  anyway.

i would highly, highly recommend this stroller to anyone.  i know there are A LOT of strollers out there, and i'm sure there are better ones here and there.  but this one works perfectly for us, and i really will never have to buy another one.  keep in mind, i do have umbrella strollers as well for quick trips and whatnot.  but this stroller is definitely my go-to.

i don't know a ton, but i know what i like.  and i really, really like this stroller.  might even say that i love it.

*as far as running and jogging go: i've had this on the beach, trails, and sidewalks.  it handles all terrain very well because of its rubber wheels. technically, it's not a "running" stroller: they recommend not running over 5 mph with it.  i don't normally jog much faster than that with two kids, so we're good to go over here! hope that helps.

still want to know more?  youtube saves the day:


Kadydid Designs said...

Oh man!! Now I want a new stroller! I had actually never heard of this brand (living under a rock, maybe?). Thanks for the info!!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

that is so funny you posted this because literally an hour ago i was going to leave you a message about where and what kind of stroller you have. (not that I'm in the market for a new or even double stroller) but it's on your mind...and I HATE the double wides...so this one is awesome! thanks so much for posting!!
hope San Fran is good...your babies are absolutely darling. So precious!

holtkamp said...

this post could not have come at a better time. everyone is telling us not to spend money on a stroller, but like you guys, i feel that we will have two little kids to push around and don't want to have to buy more strollers. i'm sold!

Kenzie said...

Thank you, Thank you!!! unfortunately, I'm one of those who have bought a single, a running, and now I need a flippin double. Please let this be my last!! Does it go over rugged terrain? thanks for the post

Liz said...

My question is... is it still a decent jogging stroller? Can it handle the speed and bumps, etc? I've heard BOB strollers are the best jogging strollers... but this one looks so enticing...

Andrea said...

Uh Jenna. Couldn't you have posted this about 3 years ago so I didn't have 14 stollers in my garage? :)

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...
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jennie said...

what do you think of the stoller in white? I love that color the most but it scares me with my 2 little boys?!