13 September 2011

the redwoods: check.

i've always wanted to see the redwoods, and luckily we live very close to them now. we went to muir woods the other day with the girls... it was pretty dreamy. very peaceful, very awesome, very beautiful. i remembered how much i loved being outside, especially with my family. the weather was perfect. anyway, it was a good day. 

but before we started the day, we relaxed with elmo for a bit.  but of course.


the daddy-pack.  ha.  oh man... who would have ever thought.  we are happily that family.

i call this the "electric eel."  crazy how the sun was hitting this tree-- it was literally glowing.


man-handling two tired girls.

sharing in the front yard.

'twas a lovely day, afterall.

i'm sad though, because i was really hoping to get in to some of this action:


Katy said...

Jenna, just wanted to say that you are lookin' mighty fit lately...well you always look great, but in one of those pictures it totally looks like you've been workin' your "guns!" Maybe it's just all the kiddo haulin'!

Jana said...

So pretty! I went there for the first time a couple of months ago and I agree, very peaceful. Especially the "cathedral" section of trees.

megan said...

You are freaking skinny! Love you.

Jessica said...

You look so happy and well, like a hot mama! Glad you have your family all back together.

holtkamp said...

the redwoods are one of the most amazing things on earth! you guys look great, glad you have your husband back :)

Andrea said...

seconding the skinny comment.