10 September 2011

let me see you take a walk with me, take a walk with me..

mid-spin with the golden one.
isn't her shirt amazing?  i wish they had one in my size.


jake has the luxury of taking his shirt off if it gets too hot.  i mean i could too, but i don't want to scare the children.

lovely ladies.

 went on a lovely little walk today with the chickens and jake-- they were really good (goldie and annie, that is), which always makes a walk on a trail so much more fun.  it was a really pretty day, and it was fun to finally do something like this as a family.  i've been waiting for this day for awhile now, and it was good to us.  after stuffing ourselves at red robin (mint brown shake?  what...), we came home, bathed the girls, and now we're working on organizing and cleaning, blah blah blah.  it was a good, productive day.  hope your saturday was a wonderful one.


Kenzie said...

hey could you tell me how you like the city select? I already have the chariot for running and biking which was a huge purchase and now I am finding I need another double, which is a huge purchase. so, I"m wondering how you like it and if its worth that many bones?

Jylare Smith said...

Can I ditto that comment? I'm leaning toward that stroller next and I need advice!

liz said...

I'm so happy the vela clan is reunited! You look so skinny ps.

jenna said...

Oh hi skinny

michael. mindy. dane. said...

okay. first of all? you look amazing. jealous of your body? yes. did that sound creepy? totally. sorry for that. but you look great! the girls are adorable. as always :)

abbie said...

ok i could die over goldie's face in the top picture where she's on your shoulders.. so funny!