09 September 2011

you're late! you're late! for a very important date!

i finally let goldie play with her ceramic tea set that jake's mom got her awhile ago.  isn't it awesome?  i love the colors.  anyway, we've been avoiding it because it can easily break, but goldie wanted to play with it so bad, so who am i to say no?  she organized each little cup and made sure the colors were right... that little organizer.  she was happy to finally be able to have her tea party, to say the least.

next time we'll have on in her room and invite her bunny, puppy, and bear.

and then we have thumb sucker no. 2:

oh annie.  you sweet thing.  she is in the stage where you lay her on her back and she immediately rolls onto her stomach, which is great exercise but annoying when she spits up every five minutes (usually she's on the floor soon after she's eaten).  she just keeps growing and growning.  and sucking on that thumb... which is mostly my fault because i sucked mine until i was ten.  yes, third grade.  my teacher would turn on music and we'd all dance around the room pretending to hold instruments.  mine was always the trumpet; i guess i've always been sort of sneaky.

future soccer player?  wouldn't that be awesome if they were on the same team one day?  high school national championships?  that would be sweet.

off to clean and shower.  ta-ta!

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