08 September 2011

well hey there dad.

jake is home, finally, and we are so happy.  goldie woke up extra early just to say hi...sometimes the morning comes so fast, you know what i'm saying?  yeesh.

then we went to costco, naturally.  had some samples, bought some food... then jake and goldie fell asleep and kicking horse and i are playing and taking photos.
annie's native american name: kicking horse (she's always got her right leg kicking)

this baby kills me with how freaking cute she is.  seriously.



hope you're having a great day.


LoAnn said...

I am so happy that he is home and yes, Annie is freakin cute and so is Goldie. Have fun.

Jodi said...

ah so happy for you jenna! you guys are too cute.

Andrea said...

I think annie looks so much like you...So happy Jake is finally home with you!