15 September 2011

san francisco zoo.

little princess didn't even know what was coming to her this day. she's obsessed with sucking her thumb. she normally does it only when she's tired, but i've noticed her taking to it a little more than usual. oh well. i can't say i blame her, i mean i sucked mine until i was ten years old. judge not. she chose that headband for her hair by the way-- doesn't she have great taste? oh goldie. 

we went to the san francisco zoo and it was pretty fun considering the weather was a little chilly and gray. goldie loved the animals. at first she didn't really get what was going on, but as the day went on she became more interested and excited. her favorite place was the insect museum. i, on the other hand, was thoroughly grossed out by the hundreds of cockroaches and millipedes... i could have died. it's crazy to me how we drive like 15 minutes from our house and the temperature drops 15 degrees and the sun goes away. i feel grateful to live in a pleasant little town that happens to be a "sun spot" here in the san francisco area. thank you for sunshine! 

annie just enjoyed the ride-- she got a little cranky towards the end but as soon as dad put her in the bjorn, she was good to go.  that girl likes to know what's going on!
thumb sucker.

goldie was very interested in the gorillas.  especially this guy below...
look right into my soul, why don't you.

he ruled the roost.  obviously.

also looking at the gorillas.  she really loved them.  also, don't mind her hair.  after a car ride and going crazy in her stroller, this is the result.  she rocks it.

they look so much alike in this photo.

can you believe the colors on this baboon?  it's insane.

i think flamingos are pretty.  well, their feathers at least.  their faces are a different story.

really excited about her two grapes.

look at that sweet gushy baby.  i could just eat her.

i tried to capture how excited annie was that goldie was running toward her.  these two seriously love each other.

just brushing the goat.  no big deal.

probably the most excited goldie got was when she saw the "duckies." 

and then mom ruined it all because i wouldn't let her get in the water with them.  sorry, lou.

we ended the day with a nice bath and a bedtime story.  this one is her new favorite-- it's a cute book, and of course the main character is GOLDIE LOCKS.  maybe that's why she likes it, because she gets to hear her name.


Our Family Stories said...

I so love SF. What a great place to live. The Oakland Zoo is great too. Have you guys gone over to the temple yet? Its so crazy. You get off the freeway and you drive through the total ghetto and then suddenly up on the hill is the most amazing site. We got married at that temple. Anway, glad you're enjoying your new home.

Erin + Geoff said...

loved this post.. it's nice to see what you guys are up to.. sounds fun!

Michelle said...

looks like so much fun! I love all the pics of your girls!