16 September 2011

little miss personality

so i got these food trays for $10 at the bijou market last session and i've been waiting for the day when i actually get to use them. remember how goldie loves to throw her food on the floor? and it drives me nuts? i've been trying to think of all kinds of solutions: don't say anything when she does it. say something, but say it kindly. say "no" very sternly. have her pick it up. grap the high chair tray before she can do any damage. put less food on her tray so that she will eat everything and there won't be anything left to throw. we tried everything. finally i decided that she simply doesn't want to be in her high chair anymore. so i went and got her a booster seat and while driving home from babies r us, i brainstormed different ways to make eating more fun. LIGHT BULB. my trays. i got really excited about it and kept telling goldie about her new chair, her new trays, how awesomely big she was, etc. etc. well, i think it worked. since sitting in her chair with her new food tray, she has only thrown food once and i'm pretty sure it was kind of on accident. i think she really feels like a big girl and she's probably like, "dude finally i get some respect around here!" calling her a "big girl" is my new thing. we've done away with bottles, the high chair, and potty training will commence in t-minus two weeks. away we go. 

the proof:

i told her to say "cheese" and this is what we got.  i love it.  isn't her nap hair awesome?

loves her liquids. prefers water over everything.  pretty sure she's had juice 5 times in her life and didn't even like it.

time for prayer...

intense prayer... very thankful for her food apparently.

can i eat now?


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Kenzie said...

thank you for the stoller post. helped me out a lot. unfortunately, i'm one of those people with like twenty strollers. now i'm wondering how long my two year old will even need a stroller for outings. i'm so confused. on another confused note, i read some of your previous posts and know that you felt somewhat like me, out of control with your body. What did you do to get it back? I'm so sick of feeling lousy about myself. I need some inspiration, guidance, whatever. is that so weird that i'm asking you? sorry, it is. anyways, what diet are you on? exercise etc.? have i come across as a complete weirdo? i hope not.