16 September 2011

today was a good day.

nothing special happened today, really.  it felt very normal.  we woke up and jake had already left for work.  i rallied the girls for breakfast and then we headed out to costco where goldie said, "hot dog" maybe 25 times.  she also picked up a shiny purple puffy coat with a leopard hat and baby talked to it... she wanted it... and a hot dog.  now that i think about it, today was the first time we have gone to costco without getting a hot dog... maybe because it was at 10 am.  anyway, it was a good costco trip.  as a side note, since when did everything get so expensive?  i always get the kirkland bag of frozen salmon; it is a staple in our house.  i looked at the price today and saw that it was $25.99.  what?  i swear it used to be $17.99.  i looked at it 3 times to make sure i was seeing it right... sure enough.  so i opted out and got a bag of trout and ahi tuna for the same price of one bag of salmon.  i was bugged though... really, really bugged.  

what else bugs me is when people are confused if annie is a girl or a boy.  she clearly is wearing pink and has very feminine features (in my opinion).  i might not have headbands on her all the time because goldie always wants to rip them off, but i just don't get it.  maybe it's because i'm her mom?  anyway.  second side note.

after costco, my friend came to stay at the house while the girls napped and i went to crossfit.  came home, showered, girls woke up, fed them lunch.. typical afternoon. all of a sudden there was a knock on my door and a nice man delivered some melissa and doug toys that i had ordered awhile ago from one kings lane.  i got really excited because goldie got really excited.  the rest of the hour was spent cutting wooden food, stacking blocks, watching sisters share and laugh and play together, etc.  it was nice.

i've been trying to come up with ways to do fun things without spending money, so tonight we went on a picnic on one of my favorite trails.  we were there around twilight and the weather was nice and breezy.  ate some yummy food that i had made earlier and put in some tupperware, walked a bit, chatted and relaxed.  we concluded that if we did that once a week for rest of our lives, we'd probably add a good ten years to our life expectancy.  it's important, i think, to breathe fresh air and to be outdoors.  it's so healthy and rejuvenating.  anyway... so that's how we spent our friday night.

not that you all care about how i spent my day, but this was a particularly good day for some reason.  like i said, nothing special happened.  but my girls seemed happy which made me feel happy... and i wanted to write about it for my own purposes.  yesterday, goldie discovered her shadow and drew her dad a picture.  today, annie talked to goldie like she was her best friend.  these are important things that i don't want to miss, you know what i mean?  hope you had a great day too.


Lauren said...

you're hair is so cute! I'm dying.

ALSO! i have a one y/o little girl and she is just so damn feminine and i can't even tell you how many times people say "you're little boy is so cute". I'm like WHAT?! thats a girl stupid! just because she's not draped in bows and pink? ok, just had to tell you. i feeel your pain!

LoAnn said...

Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Next weekend we are going up to Door county WI which is the northern most tip on a penisula. We are hiking and looking at the changing leaves. I love nature. I love Goldie's hair in these pictures.

Michelle said...

I love days like this. The world just seems right. Tonight both of my boys were refusing to go to sleep, and I was seriously going insane. INSANE. I was going back and forth from one to the other...for an hour. ugh. this post made me remember those good days! maybe tomorrow. :)