30 October 2011

blub blub and cluck cluck cluck.

i feel like i've been busier than ever with these girls lately, and i can't even figure out why. maybe all the hype for halloween? who knows. we've been having lots of fun though, eating lots of candy, and just living up the good weather that we've been having.

are you dying over these costumes? because i am. the first time i put that chicken custom on annie, i almost couldn't breath because i've never loved a chicken so much in my life. and the glitterfish? seems so perfect for little goldenstein. she actually loved wearing it, and of course we had fun putting some blush and lip gloss on her. she pranced around like she owned the place... and then she ripped the hat off and wouldn't wear it anymore. we had a church halloween party, hence the dressing up before halloween, and i knew i should take photos right then because let's be honest, it's not going to happen tomorrow night. annie will be in the bjorn and goldie will be running around like a psycho and i only have two arms. i've never gotten into halloween, but it is so much more fun with kids, right?

potty training update: didn't happen. we gave it a valiant three-day effort. goldie was the champion of all champions, but in the end she really wasn't getting it and that's totally okay. it was more of an experiment than anything. i was out of her diapers, she was showing interest, so why not give it a try? i know she is young, but you never know. i would never force anything on my children, especially peeing and pooping in some random white plastic thing. maybe next time! but for now, we're happy in our diapers. i gave her all of her prizes for being a good sport, which of course made the three-day craziness worth it. can't wait to see our water bill. yikes.

oh anyway, i have lots of things i'd love to write about but there's not time right now. i've got iron chef to watch and a living room to clean up. hope you have a wonderful halloween.

love those legs.

running free, as a glitterfish should.

will you get that camera OUTTA MY FACE ALREADY???


Erin + Geoff said...

these pictures are priceless.. annie makes the most amazing chicken faces! How did you get her to do that? and goldie.. she is the perfect glitterfish - crazy and fun!
Happy Halloween to you, Vela clan!

SJ said...

Your girls are so beautiful. Miss you. Happy Halloween!

scheid family said...

LOVE love these pics. Both costumes are amazing... but the GLiTTER FISH?!?!?! ahhhh! So freaking cute. My fav colors... the shoes, the headpiece, the leggings... amazing. Both your girls are little beauties.

Annalisa said...