05 November 2011

nov. 5

 yes. my house is a mess as i sit on my computer.

sometimes i feel so tired that i want to just lay down and sleep forever. those times, though, are usually pushed aside by me feeling hysterically happy laying on the floor laughing with my daughters. i do not take them for granted. ever.

november, as we all know, is known as the month of giving thanks. i have a lot that i'm thankful for... like, a lot. sometimes i don't realize all of the blessings that i have, and when i find myself complaining about this or that, i stop and remember. i remember what i've been given. and then i shut my mouth.

i'm 5 days late on posting everyday about something that i'm thankful for. it's cliche, i mean i know a lot of people do this on their blogs. but it's a good thing and personally i think we should all do it on our blogs! brings us down a few levels... helps us remember what's important. what matters. what's real, and what's beautiful. 

the things i am thankful for will not be in any particular order. just so you know.

today i am thankful for goldie and annie and jake. well, i'm thankful for them everyday, but you know what i mean. my daughters keep me real. they keep me grounded. they help me understand more about who i am and who i can become in order to be the best mother for them that i can. they are so sweet, funny, cute, kissable... i mean i could go on and on. goldie climbs me like a tree every day, trying to give me a hug or a kiss and it means the world to me. annie snuggles me like i'm the only thing she's got (even though that's not true), but man when she looks at me, i feel very important and very special. jake is my best friend. it's true. i talk to him about everything... everything. i can be stupid around him, i can be funny or not-so-funny and he laughs with me anyway. he knows me better than anyone, which makes me love him even more because he still wants to be with me after all that he knows. i've got a lot of weaknesses, but he doesn't focus on that all the time, and for that i am grateful.

i love these people fiercely.

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