06 November 2011

thankful day 2.

while the post below is me being thankful for my chickens, this post is somewhat related... on a little different level though.

today i am thankful for people who understand me. i feel like there is great mutual understanding in the blog world, no matter what your age/race/situation/religion/gender. it's like, we all kind of get what we are all going through at times. either someone has been there, done that, felt that, is going through it right this minute... the understanding and validation can be a serious saving grace.

i'm thankful that i've had the experiences in my life that i've had (even the trials, yes) because i'm able to better understand those around me. the feeling of acceptance is very real, and one that i often appreciate. there have been many times where i have done one of these things: word vomited on this blog, called a friend in desperation, called my sisters in desperation, called my mother in desperation, called my husband in desperation, called my dad in desperation, got on my knees in desperation. 

life is not easy. sometimes it is, but a lot of the times it isn't.

so i am thankful for unconditional love, understanding, relating, and all that jazz. does that even make sense?

i stole this from my friends blog because it makes me laugh so hard. look at the mom! it's so true sometimes. her face just kills me.

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