09 November 2011

thankful, day... whatever.

today i am thankful for books.  well, i'm always thankful for books. but my favorite thing in the world (i'm surprised if you already don't know this) is to read a good book. nothing soothes me more than cuddling up in a blanket and jumping into another life... i could read for hours and hours on end. i literally used to read about 3 books a week. then children hit (i love them so much!), and things changed and that's okay. i go at a slower pace these days with it, but seriously. love books. doesn't matter what kind... just give it to me and i'll read it.

that's why a tree grows in brooklyn is one of my favorites. i love that francie nolan. 
she's my kind of girl.

and i'm thankful that i can read... thankful for my education. thankful for my mind.

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Petersons said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my favorites too! One of the only ones i can stand reading over and over:)