06 October 2011


this is a bookstore that my friend goes to a lot... isn't it dreamy?  i just can't get over it.  i love bookstores... i mean i really love them.  i have a lot to catch up on but not right now.  time for a little work and then sleep. 

best one-liner heard at the playground the other day:
"yeah well i really don't like to talk about acorns, and neither does charlie."

me neither, kid.


AaReAn said...

This totally reminds me of Harry POtter! ha

Head on over and check out my new site...I think you will like it :-)


Annalisa said...

love that quote of the day.



Andi said...

i made it on j and j!!! finally. i should have sent you the instagram version, the carpet is always greener on the other app.