16 November 2011

annie's first bow.

 a first bow on a very small lock of hair. oh annie, i love you.

i woke up in kind of a fog this morning. i was feeling unmotivated, and almost sad for no reason at all. slight depression? what the heck? it wasn't fun.

but i got up anyway, kissed my kids and made some breakfast that goldie wasn't very interested in. oh well, banana and yogurt was good enough for her i guess (she normally eats a full breakfast of eggs and chicken sausage. weird, eh?) i was feeling depressed about going to the gym because the perfect time for me to go is also the perfect time for every other mother and their child to go. 10 kid limit, my kids count as 4 kids (because annie is so small)... i didn't have high hopes. i decided not to go. then i said out loud, "jenna, will you suck it up and just get over it, whatever IT is?" i put my gym clothes on and called the gym to see how many kids were in daycare. 3. perfect. sat on the bench, said a prayer to help me get out of whatever funk i woke up in. got to the gym and got about a 1/3 through my workout when i hear my name over the loud speaker. dangit. poor little anita wasn't having it today. so i scooped them up and we went home. better than nothing i guess. but parking was free today for some reason and THAT was something to smile about. yes, i pay to park at my gym. awesome isn't it?

i decided to spend as much time as possible outside today since it's a beautiful day. it would be good for the babes and good for me. annie fell asleep on the way home and took a 3 hour nap in her car seat. goldie and i played outside in the sun, had some lunch, danced to christmas music, attempted to get christmas decor down but realized it was way too high up. she went down for a nap and i actually showered (early christmas miracle). had some pumpkin pie (i can't stop) and did some research on pinterest for christmas craft ideas. the tv hasn't been on once today. i'm kind of proud of that.

so now both girls are up and we're off to michael's and to the thrift store to get a few things. i have a mantle now (i love a good fireplace), so i'm especially excited about stockings this year instead of literally hammering them into the side of my old antique bookcase. i miss that thing. we're not going to get a tree this year. i know. so not like me. but the past 4 years jake has disappeared into the mountains each year and chopped me down a real charlie brown tree. every year, never fails. well... california is a little different and i'm not even going to guess how much a tree is here. SO, we're opting out. but that doesn't mean that i can't still make it feel like a christmas miracle in this home!

and yes, the pies were made on a random weeknight to practice for thanksgiving. i'm not a pie maker. or a baker really for that matter. but my friend came over and showed me the way and now i think i might be addicted. rut-roh.

parts of me are still feeling a little foggy but i've felt the subtly push from above that i needed. have i mentioned that i really believe in prayer? i've also made a decision to make the best of this day, even though i want to just go to sleep and never wake up. and you know what? it has been a pretty great day.

off to craft. who am i?


corrine said...

jenna, those pies you posted on instagram last night looked straight up professional. hope your day gets better. OH and i thought of you when i was at costco this week cause those suckers finally lowered the price of salmon from $25 to $21. not amazing, but better!

eclaires said...

Love you, sweet friend. :)

And love that you did "research" on Pinterest. I tend to just veg out on Pinterest mesmerized by pretty things, smart sayings, and good ideas I'll probably never really try.

Jill said...

you are amazing. you inspire me. Because you pray so diligently, I pray diligently and it works! Thank u.

Manu said...

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