20 November 2011

i'm thankful for creativity and imagination.

we decided to get artsy fartsy the other day, and seriously it was so fun. i was shocked that goldie didn't put the paint in her mouth considering her favorite treat seems to be sidewalk chalk these days. i've been kind of lazy lately and we've been watching a lot of cars, since that's goldie's favorite movie and all she wants to do is talk about cars and airplanes and things that go "vroom vroom," "choo choo," and "beep beep." finally i got sick of the background noise and banned tv for an entire day. it was literating... for real. goldie loves to color, and now i'm pretty sure she loves to paint. she was very cooperative for the foot print art. she laughed her head off while i painted her feet, which i totally expected. oh it was fun. we're going to do this once a week.

that turkey is now framed on my mantle in a thrift store frame spray painted gold. kinda fun.

the weather has been pretty great-- it's full fledged fall here finally. i've been waiting very patiently for it. the sun shines and there is a slight breeze. we put on our jackets and go on walks and play at the park. i love those moments of our day. everyone is so happy to be outside, including me.


Becky said...

Very very cute! Okay not a "craft" idea per se, but the paint colors reminded me of something my kids love to do. G to target, get the $1 glow in the dark sticks (or two or three), wait til it's dark outside, crack them open, and whala! My kids love to see the colors in the dark, move them around, throw them, you name it. This easily entertains us for 20 or so minutes. Add music to the mix and it's even better. Guarantee you and Jake will have fun with it too!

Manu said...

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