20 November 2011

i'm thankful for my mantle.

i've always dreamed of having my own mantle. although this technically isn't mine since we're renting, it still is mine sort of. and that is good enough!

i've seen all kinds of great mantle decor ideas on pinterest, but i really wanted to use what i already had, not to mention i didn't want to spend money on it. so, the girls and i went on a walk the other afternoon and i collected sticks as i went. surprisingly, there weren't that many. i also found 2 large pine cones. i bought the puff balls at michael's in the thanksgiving colors and simply sewed them together with a needle and thread. easiest thing i've ever done. a little tape (tacky, i know), and we've got a pretty little mantle.

goldie's art work is my favorite part. i bought that frame at a thrift store for $4 and spray painted it gold. the plate is also a thrift purchase. the yellow napkin holder is a gift from my mom... but we're using it to hold a plate instead of napkins, obviously (just for the time being).

the last photos are of goldie, obviously. her hair is amazingly poofy today. she has a low-grade fever (same with my annie girl), and neither are taking very good naps. we stayed home from church and are spending the day in our jammies trying to get well. it's been raining all day, but the sun is out now and hopefully things will dry up a bit so that we can go on a walk or something. 

anyway, i'm just excited about my imperfect mantle. the pictures aren't hung perfectly, and you can see some tape. oh well. i'm thankful for it.
happy sunday.


Lindsey said...

I think you did a great job! I love your style!

Where are my Mary Jane's? said...

It's beautiful, good job!

AaReAn said...

OMG I love the puffy ball garland...and what is even crazier is that I am currently making one a lot like it to hang on my tree!!! Great minds think alike :-)

Michelle said...

I LOVE everything about the mantel! love it.

Manu said...

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