21 November 2011

quick thoughts.

just found this old photo from when goldie was born. it was in our first home, the home we lived in for 3 years and brought both of our babies home to. i remember that day so particularly for some reason. i remember the weather... it was cold. goldie is a january baby. but the sun was out, as it usually is during a utah winter. she was so sleepy this day. so cuddly. i loved her so much.

remember when my hair was super long?  i miss it today. did i mention that i cut my own bangs the other night?  yeahhhh... awesome. good idea, jenna. freak.

i also found this old picture tonight and it made me laugh. goldie's scrunch face.

and this one made me smile:

oh anyway. i'm going to sleep now. i just can't stand listening to goldie cough in the other room. it breaks my heart. both of my girls are a little under the weather, like i mentioned earlier. just in time for thanksgiving; wouldn't be a holiday unless someone was sick. sweet babies. goodnight moon.

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