01 December 2011

woah, it's december.

i'm kind of in shock that it's december already. where has the time gone? all of a sudden it was thanksgiving and now we're almost to christmas it seems... wow. we had such a great thanksgiving with my family, i miss them already. we went to utah and stayed with my sisters and my parents who came in from georgia and we had so much fun. meeting up with all of my aunts, cousins, and grandparents for thanksgiving was kind of a big deal for me considering i never see those people anymore. i really am thankful for my family. they mean so much to me, and i am thankful for how they love my children... it's pretty awesome to see my littlest baby with my grandma. generations apart. kind of cool.

with the good comes the bad, though. goldie was sick about the week before we left for utah, and then annie got sick while we were there with a double ear infection. that poor baby was miserable, and still kind of is. goldie was complaining about her ears today, too... might have a double dosage of amoxicillin in this house pretty soon here. yours truly also contracted a 24-hour bug... violently throwing up all night long while tending to a sick child is not my idea of fun. luckily i have the best sister ever and she helped me with annie while i shivered and tried not to throw up. it wouldn't be a thanksgiving without someone getting sick though, so really we were just making sure to stay true to tradition. you're welcome.

these are my instagrams from the past week and a half. goldie and her cousin abby sort of fell in love with each other. this past summer was NOT a good experience with those two-- katie and i were kind of sad that they weren't getting along. but this break was very different and it was fun to watch them chase each other and giggle together in their princess dresses. i love little girls.

we're back in california and it feels good to be home. my parents are visiting for a few days and i love that they are here. anyway, hope you had a great thanksgiving and that you're enjoying the first day of december! pretty soon goldie will be 16 and driving my car, and annie will be 15 in the passenger seat.


Taylor said...

Being with family is the best, sick or not. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time together! I love your blog, and hearing about those cute Vela girls! Not to mention your writing, you're so talented Jenna. So, I awarded you with the Liebster award! Keep it comin' :)

LoAnn said...

Thanks for the sweet pictures. The girls are growing up fast.

Manu said...

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