05 December 2011

nine months old

i don't know how it happened, but annie is nine months old already. she started crawling about 4 days ago, and she's off into a new realm of happiness. she follows us everywhere, and now when she wants a toy, she just goes and gets it. she's also drinking happily from a bottle and is sleeping better because of it. only two teeth. loves to laugh and clap her hands. her favorite baby food is probably sweet peas and she loves to pick things up and put them in her mouth. annie is our little snuggle bug and we can't get enough of her. she gives the best loves. never shys away from her blankie, her thumb, and a shoulder. annie still thinks goldie is the most fun of all, even though goldie takes toys and is still learning how to share. she is a squirmy little thing and now that she knows how to move, she rarely wants to be held anymore. kind of sad, but i'm so happy for her! can you just imagine it? feeling so frustrated because all you can do is sit there and rock back and forth. and then one day, you magically put one hand forward, opposite knee goes with it, and BOOM. you're moving! you can do it all by yourself! i'm sure it's a pretty rewarding moment in a little baby's life.
 snuggling with her boyfriend.
annie will smile at anyone, but she's still a little shy. our favorite is when she does her crooked smile where she takes her bottom jaw and moves it to the right, biting into her gums and smiling very big. it's the cutest thing. nine months old... time is flying and before i know it she'll be walking. we love our annie so much, for real. she makes everything better.
happy nine months kicking bird.


Erin + Geoff said...

BIG GIRL! i loved seeing you guys a few weeks ago.. and i KNEW she would be crawling within days! good for her!!

Michelle said...

one word. BEAUTIFUL.

Manu said...

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