20 December 2011

i have taken a break from blogging... obviously. this time of year is just too crazy! i procrastinate all of my responsibilities until the very last minute every year. it's annoying. i just finished addressing my christmas cards and i leave tomorrow morning on an 8:30 flight to see family. talk about last second.

i do love this time of year though. we've been going on little family adventures almost every weekend (local ones, of course) and christmas music has floated through my house daily. the girls have been on and off sick, but for the most part they have been fun as usual. every night i thank heavenly father over and over for giving me those girls.

speaking of girls. goldie has learned a new trick: scaling the side of her crib, throwing her legs over the side, balancing on her mattress, and landing on two feet. first, though, because she's super smart, she throws all of her blankets and her pillow just in case she misses. she's always thinking.
 each time it happens, i don't say anything. i just pick her up and take her right back in, make her give me a kiss and lay her down. she doesn't fight me because she knows she's supposed to be in there. two minutes later i hear her doorknob again. we go through the process and she keeps whispering "hi mama" and gives me kisses before putting her down again... she's trying to sweeten me up so that i'll let her hang out for awhile longer. little sneak. i heard a third thump and went to meet her before she opened her door. i found her coloring with her colored pencils in the dark. doesn't that make you laugh? it makes me laugh just typing it. goldie kills me.

oh anyway, hope you are all having a very merry holiday. i might update in the next week or so, but i think i'm just going to take a little break and enjoy my family. the love is strong though.

happy holidays, my friends.


Our Family Stories said...

hahaha! love goldie's face in this picture!

abby said...

i was just about to text you and say, "what the blog?!" so i'm glad you posted. merry christmas! and i better be getting a christmas card.

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