30 December 2011

look alikes

just found these photos of my girls when they were about the same age (fresh from heaven) and i can't believe how similar they look. sometimes time goes so fast that you don't realize that your newborns are gone. goldie is now running around asking for a drink or a hot dog and pointing out every christmas light she sees. annie is crawling and climbing stairs. the girls are growing up... it's exciting but sort of sad at the same time. bittersweet.

times are changin' for this family. they are good changes and i feel content and happy. but that makes for busyness which means less posts. i have been slacking on this blog for real lately. i have a lot to catch up on, but with the holiday season in full effect, traveling, etc., it has taken a back seat. anyway, i'll be back kicking and screaming before you know it. until then, enjoy a few photos of sleeping babes, warm in their mama's arms.
happy new year.

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