30 December 2011

thanksgiving 2011.

wanted to get this up before it's been too long. we had such a fun thanksgiving with my family. i love when we all get together and just relax, hang out, eat good food. nothing better, in my opinion. goldie had a lot of fun with her cousins, especially abby. those two were at each other this past summer, but they fell in love over break. look at them in those dresses. two little princesses. katie and i were loving it. anyway, i'm very thankful for family. very, very thankful. then bibby and papa came to visit us in san francisco, it was so fun. my girls love their bibby and papa, as you can see. 


Stefanie said...

i love the photo of your dad with goldie and annie! so cute.
and the picture of andrew and goldie...:) love it!

Manu said...

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