18 April 2012

there is nothing wrong with being a mother.

i literally bawl my eyes out every single time i watch this. i just feel so deeply what these mothers feel. hard, endless, tireless work. loving your children so much you'd do anything for them. sacrificing your own needs and wants to make sure your kids have what they need. feeling so proud of who they are, even if they are small. encouraging them to be better every day. helping them to learn and grow every day. kisses, hugs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. soothing and praising, disciplining and teaching.

there's a lot of hype about motherhood going on right now, especially in the political world. all i have to say is that there is no other job i'd rather have. i'm excited to see what my children will do with the lives they've been given. i can only hope to do my best to lead them to great things. i'm not always the best mom, but i know i'm making a difference.

here's to mothers everywhere. good on you.

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