29 April 2012

everyone is growing up on me and i don't like it.

not much time to write... i've got rolls to make. however, these are some of my favorite photos i took last week. i have a few more that i wanted to post but of course it's not working. these two are growing up so fast, and although they push and pull at each other sometimes, most of the time they are loving each other like in these photos.

we've moved to a new place in a new state and we're loving it. so happy to be here in oregon, but that means i have lots of unpacking and organizing to do. luckily i sort of enjoy it.

sort of.

have a great sunday.


Rachel Anne said...

You guys move like nobody's business!

Enjoy the unpacking, I have a love/hate relationship with it also.

Erin + Geoff said...

glad the move went well.. let's chat soon.. miss you and miss those girls! they are so adorable together.

party of four said...

I'm from Oregon and I have a special love for that state! Have so much fun with your cute girls!