05 May 2012

simple life.

you know, i don't know everything, and i don't think anybody really does (with the exception of God, of course). but lately i've really been thinking about life in general, what's important, etc. i have these moments every few months where it seems like my body, soul, and mind re-evaluate without me having to tell them to. with moving and everything in the past few weeks, i have had a chance to sit back and learn a few things.

i truly appreciate a simple life. well, more simple, we'll say. i know there are a lot of different interpretations of "simple life." but mine is this: i enjoy the normal daily things that i do with my children and husband: walks, going to the park, making food, watching movies, dancing to music, picking out our clothes, reading books, playing games, learning the alphabet, bath time, kisses, bedtime. and then the me time: doing my "jobs" (brushing my teeth, flossing... sometimes, washing my face, applying my anti-wrinkle cream...my favorite part of the day), laying in bed reading a good book, picking up at night, watching shark tank with my husband on our computer because we're sort of anti-tv right now (i know, i know). i mean that's really the gist of our days usually. throw a few random errands in there throughout the week, and you've basically got my life.

there have been times where i've felt unsatisfied, and wrongfully so. i've had selfish thoughts where i just want to run away and be ME and only ME again. just jenna. i know that those thoughts are normal to have as a young mother, and they're okay. in fact, they make me feel like i am, in fact, kind of normal. but when it all comes down to it, i'm actually very satisfied and happy with the little things. i'm learning that i don't need much in order to be happy... and if you know me, you know i didn't exactly used to be that way.

"things" don't necessarily decide my happiness anymore. my family does.

anyway i don't know where i'm going with all of this, i just know that i've had the weepies, "simple life" on repeat in my mind for the past few weeks. it's always been one of my favorite songs, but it's kind of more than that now. sort of a mantra for me... it's also always been my song for jake. 
so, that's special. 

p.s. the video is so random... they don't have an official music video for it; here ya go.

here are some photos from today:

isn't this so dreamy? one of my favorite books is wuthering heights, and in my mind, this is just what "the moor" looks like. i love where i live... this trail is in my neighborhood.


annie isn't messing around anymore, if you haven't noticed.

it needs to be documented that goldie is obsessed with rocks. she loves them. cradles them like a baby. rocks them and says, "shh shh shh. oh baby rock!"

playing nice.

i know it's dark, but i LOVE this photo of annie. look at her cuteness.


 their new favorite activity.

 pretty goldie girl.

this makes me laugh out loud.

these are from our after-dinner walk a few nights ago. it has been so cold at night lately, hence the hats.

sharing flowers.

anyway, i'm going to go read now. hope you're having a wonderful cinco de mayo.


J & J said...

beautiful :)

AaReAn said...

when i see photos of your two girls it gets me so excited to have another little girl in the house...to be best buddies together. I love this. And it's true, its the simple things in life. Cliche but never gets old! :-)

The Dschaaks said...

Your girls are so cute. Emma is totally into rocks also! It is so funny!...until I step on one that somehow snuck in the house : )

Jodi said...

i can't get over the cuteness of goldie and annie! i know i haven't talked to you in forever but i still read your blog and i can't handle all the cuteness. hope you're doing well.