05 June 2012


sometimes i think i'm entering into that phase where i'm too old to keep a regular blog. 

remember when blogger first came around? for me it was in 2007, after i got married, that i discovered the wonderful world of blogging. i became obsessed with it because it was so fun to document life with my photos and thoughts. not to mention it was a great way to keep up with people that i couldn't always talk to or see everyday. life was more simple back then, freshly married and more time on my hands. now with two kids, well life has more going on. and i like it that way. there were times when my blog became part of my to-do list, which bugged me. i never wanted it to be a chore, but at the same time i didn't want to miss anything. then i went through a phase where i wanted a lot of followers and thought that maybe i could make some extra cash from my blog. ha! oh my gosh. luckily it was a short phase that i realized was very silly. and unrealistic. and dumb (note: i mean only personally for me. for others, no problem. but in my case, silly)

oh i don't know. my thoughts don't seem to run as deep anymore, but i think that's only because i hardly have time to sit down anymore and just ponder about things. my life will only get busier, it seems. and then my children will be in elementary school before i know it, and we'll have saturdays lined up with soccer games and dance recitals, and i'll probably be in charge of the half-time snack. then comes more church callings, activities during the week, homework, dinner time, practices, piano lessons... and then you have to add one-on-one time with each kid every once in awhile on top of that, plus fun family activies and then date nights with your husband...

did you like that run-on sentence?

i know this is looking ahead years into the future, but when i really sit down and think about it, it doesn't seem all that far away. sometimes i feel like the internet takes over my life. i've talked about this before. but i hate that i'm always checking facebook on my phone, or my email, or whatever. i'm not that important, come on now. my inbox is mostly filled with emails from retail stores. i guess what i'm getting at is that i'm trying to simplify my life in a lot of ways, which means that i'm going my best to let go of things that might not matter as much as other things. this doesn't mean that i'm closing my blog. i'm just not going to make it a huge priority. i'll update when i feel like it and use it for the free therapy that i always have. but let's be honest, our moms never had blogs when we were babies. i don't know what exactly i mean by that, but it seems like a good point somehow.

we're excited for summer. we're going to the beach in a few weeks and i am beyond excited. oh anyway, off to clean up from lunch and maybe take a quick nap if i'm lucky. have a fabulous tuesday.


Unknown said...

Now your are getting a little wisdom! I like what you said and all is very true.


Maddie McEntire said...
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