21 May 2012

feel pretty lucky to be these babies' mama.
love them so.

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Ali said...

I often forget we are in much the same boat! I must say, in the last month Blake and I have looked at each other multiple times and thought, "We are SO CLOSE to something SO GOOD!". Brynn is almost good in church - to the point where we only take her out maybe once, while Paige can make it through the whole first hour - AND when I take them to the park, play place at the mall, etc - I can actually SIT and they PLAY and I don't have to chase them down and bring them back. This is new and it is SO NICE! They are growing up! But, as fas as this fighting thing - unfortunately, I agree with you in that Brynn has learned to be feisty as a way to survive. This weekend I did finally put her in time out (ok, 3 times I did) and she BAWLED but sat there and....got it? I figure if she's smart enough to see Paige's hair, smile, and then PULL with all her might, she's old enough for some time out. We'll see. Hang in there!