16 June 2008

hello, you.

well, we've been having some good times here in maryland. ali and blake came into town to visit this weekend, so last night both sets of hillsteads and jake and i headed downtown to pow around and start some trouble. the weather was pretty amazing--nice warm breeze, not too hot...perfect. the boys brought their ripsticks (honestly, i can't explain how obsessed they are) and had a blast. life is good, to say the least.
let the ripsticking begin.
jake was desperately trying to catch up with the people on the motor-things. i was laughing so hard--his feet were moving back and forth faster than i've ever seen.
some boys in the office.
outside of cheescake.


rob and liz jones said...

serously why do you have to look so cute all the time!.. haha i just started laughing b/c remeber when this time a few years ago we were in hawaii leaving in a room that had a fan with no cover and would freaking attack us all time... oh and remember when i woke up screaming b/c i the curtain hit me and you wanted to kill me??

katie said...

you are SO adorable jennay.

Michelle said...

Jenna - you are so pretty. That's all I have to say. love ya. let's play soon. I'm serious!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. I wish you didnt live in DC and we could be better friends! I think we would get along quite well.. Thanks for the insight on the phone number on my blog, I didnt even think of that! But it is gone now :)
Ps I dont know if char ever told you but when we were in london I would look at pictures of you and tell Char thats how I wanted to look. So when we got home I dyed my hair blonde... disaster... but it was all cause I wanted your amazing-ness!

ashley said...

Can I tell you how jealous I am you are in Maryland? Give my home a big hug and kiss. Mason and I will be there for a week or so in the middle of July. Hopefully we'll run into you guys! By the way, I LOVE your blog! Thanks for the info on it!

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

You look amazing! "I wanna be a super model!" blog tag.....you're it!

The Young Family Inc. said...

You and Jake are perfect. I want to be you!
And I am soooo jealous you ate at Cheesecake Factory and had our fav salad. "Lucky!"

Ani said...

You look really good Jenna!
Ok, those things are so funny! And so hard! Can you do it?! Good thigh work out.