21 August 2010

love love.

photo stolen from my sister's blog.

so this is my grandma... she passed away a few summers ago.  since she died, i've had numerous dreams about her where we're literally having conversations with one another, saying how we miss each other, love each other, me asking her if she's happy, etc.  i'm very thankful for those moments.  i miss her a lot.  sometimes when i'm praying, right before i finish, i'll say, "and heavenly father... will you tell my grandma hello for me please?"  silly, i know, but sometimes i can't help myself.  those are usually the nights when i have dreams.

she was a woman who didn't take crap from anyone, and i'm really trying to be more like that.  i think i'm slowly succeeding.  thanks, grandma.

and i know goldie has seen her, smiled at her, and even laughed at her.  we've had moments.. believe you me.  

anyway, i just miss her and i've been thinking about her today.  that's all.

happy saturday!


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Hollywood Belle said...

I totally believe that our dreams our ways for our souls to connect to one another, whether we're here on earth or in Heaven. :)