27 June 2011

the beach: day 2

the beach is more fun for us than the pool, even though that kiddie pool is a dream.  i just love that goldie can roam free on the beach-- running and spinning wherever she wants to.  she's totally entertained, watching the seagulls and trying to chase them while looking directly up in the sky...pretty comical.  annie continues her napping for the most part while we're out there.  i think the sound of the waves and the wind is very soothing to her; isn't it soothing for most people?  i hate myself for forgetting my camera every day, but tomorrow i'm determined to get it out and take some real photos.  until then, gotta love the instagram.

1 comment:

Stefanie said...

wow, annie looks like goldie in this picture! so much! i'm excited for the real photos! :)
have fun and enjoy these days on the beach!