27 June 2011

the beach: day 3

oh man.  psycho goldie decided to wake up at 6:45 this morning (never has this happened in her entire existence).  then 15 minutes later annie started crying for boobs.  i fed annie and she conked out again, so back to bed she went.  then i turned off all the lights and with bottle and blankies in hand, i tried to sleep with goldie in my bed.  no dice-- the girl things it's play time all of the time.  i finally quit fighting it and put on my running clothes.  i knew annie would be out for awhile, so goldie and i got in the stroller and went for the morning run on the beach; it thunder stormed last night, so the sand was extra flat and the weather was cooler (cooler meaning only 75 at 7:15 am).  we had a nice run and then it was the full-swing morning routine.  girls napped, ate, and we went to the beach and played and played.  goldie acts so tired, which she should be, so i lay her down and she willingly goes in her bed for an afternoon nap.  currently i hear her talking very loudly from her bed, sitting in a pitch black room.  naughty naughty.  anyway, there was a moment this morning where i felt very overwhelmed... those moments are few and far between, but when they do happen, sometimes they seem impossible.  might have shed a tear or two, however they day has turned around and we've had a great afternoon.

on our morning run.

missing dada.  and yes, goldie is bouncing that silver ball on her shovel.  who is she??

shovel, mid air.  swinging your bucket back and forth will do that.

sweet baby.

i love this photo below.  annie's like, "seriously please stop trying to make me smile and feed me already."  have you ever nursed on the beach?  not fun, nor easy.

boycott continues.

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jennifer a said...

Your girls are adorable, and i couldn't even tell you weren't wearing any makeup or anything -- you are just naturally beautiful. :) I hope this time without Jake goes by quickly for you -- being apart for ANY amount of time is sooo hard, so I can only imagine how long 6 months must feel/be. Enjoy your vacation -- it looks beautiful and like you are having a blast!